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  • Hub Technology Innovation – 6 Pawls Freehub
    Post time: 08-14-2015

    Windsail Advanced Bitex Hubs incorporate innovation freehub designs that contains 48 contact points and 6 pawls. The 6 pawls have been engineered to divide the engagement into 2 teams that are 3 pawls or 6 pawls in the engagement process. Each team of pawls engages into ratchet ring at the same ...Read more »

  • Carbon Fiber Weave Differences
    Post time: 08-09-2015

    CARBON WEAVE is not new to us cycling enthusiasts, and we can even accurately distinguish the appearance, but do you really understand the meaning of carbon weave and the differences? Generally, when CARBON FIBER (such as TORAY T700) is used in production of bicycle parts, the very first is to we...Read more »

  • Analysis about Carbon Fiber Strength, Modulus and Number of Filaments
    Post time: 07-23-2015

    Carbon Fiber Definition: lamellar structure of stable and continuous carbon molecules compose fiber material. An image below – a single carbon fiber (SEM) for easier understanding. The diameter of carbon fiber is only about 1/50 of a hair, below is a hair, imagine 1/50 of one hair! Carbon...Read more »

  • Basic Scientific Knowledge of Carbon Fiber
    Post time: 07-02-2015

    A variety of excellent performance of carbon material is well known, but why can carbon compose the world’s hardest substance – diamond, and form a very soft material – graphite as well? Why is graphite conductive, while diamond isn’t? Why carbon fiber is high strength? Can you tell c...Read more »

  • What’s the Difference between Tubular and Clincher Wheels
    Post time: 06-25-2015

    Before choosing the wheels, the very first thing is to know the tire difference between tubular and clincher wheels. As you may know, tubular wheels just fit specific tubular tires, what combine the tire and inner tube into one piece, and must be glued onto the wheel. Generally tubular tires are ...Read more »

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